Monday, July 23, 2012

Corporate Event Planning

21st century business is largely dominated by corporates. Corporates, during the course of their lifetime, conduct several types of events. The basic difference between a corporate event and events of other types is that corporate events largely tend to be rather restrained and sober in nature. However, an exception to this rule may be product launches and road shows which involve a lot flourish and generous display of rich visuals accompanied by music.

This said, the basic approach to organising an event remains the same. The planning, coordination, set-design and other aspects of event planning are similar to other events.

One key thing to keep in mind while organising a corporate event is the communication or brand philosophy of the corporate. Corporates, these days, have detailed manuals called brand manuals which provide guidelines for the usage of logo, colours and tone and manner of communication. The agency’s representation of the company should be as per the guidelines specified in the manual to maintain consistency in communication across all media.

A huge amount of money and the reputation of the corporate are at stake, therefore, every care should be taken to avoid any mishaps.

Few of the type of corporate events are listed below:
  • Launches: Refers to launch of a product or service. This may be an indoor or outdoor affair depending on the circumstances that surround product launch.
  • Media Events:  An event where the corporate addresses the media. This could be for several reasons such as product launch, change in policy, takeover etc.
  • Dealer Meets: These are organised to get the dealer community together, communicate and update them about new services or products and also to build on corporate-dealer relationship.

  • Conferences: Get-together of the executives of the corporate to discuss issues, strategy, planning etc.
  • Mall Promotions: Products or services are promoted in malls having large number of footfalls. A welcome desk or set is created, depending on the needs of the situation. The client and agency have a representative each to attend to their respective duties.

  • Client Relationship Management Initiatives: Events to boost corporate-client relationships. Information is disseminated and consumers’ grievances are addressed. It may also involve interactive activities to encourage consumer participation.

  • Awards & Theme Nights: Events conducted to felicitate employees for outstanding contribution. It is generally followed by a theme night such as ‘Bollywood Night’ which may feature Bollywood songs or acts.

  • Road Shows: Done to introduce, promote or popularise a product or service. They are conducted by an emcee and may be accompanied by music and dancers

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