Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tips for Successful Event Management

Event Management is composed of several key steps whose successful execution eventually leads to the success of the event. Though some steps might be more important than the others, nonetheless, their contribution to the perfection with which an event is conducted is indisputable. Below are outlined 10 of the most important steps of successful event management.

Understanding the Client Brief:
The client brief has the details of the creative insight, target group, media and time of execution of the event, venue and other related details. Besides the creative insight the rest of the points are tangible and there is little or no scope of error, however, the creative insight has to be metamorphosed into the creative idea and concept which is the theme of the event. 

The client and event manager have to be very clear whether the right message is being articulated and the creative is not dull, offensive or mundane and is in line with the brand philosophy. Once this object has been achieved, the event manager can move on to the next step that is planning the event.

Planning the event is a critical part of the process of event management. The event has to be broken up into parts, such as designing, choice of venues, logistical support, no. of event management executives and branding. Virtual dry runs have to be conducted in order to evaluate the smooth functioning and co-ordination of all aspects of the event. 

Detailing is a quality that reflects your desire to give perfect results and also shows your commitment to the job. Small things speak a lot about your right job ethic, such as, placing the televisions in a gathering at the right point or making sure that the last person in the room has a good view of the stage. Detailing not only makes your event fabulous but goes a long way in building your reputation.

On Site Coordination
After you have a detailed plan of the event in place you must make sure that it works with the same fluency on the ground as it did on paper. Divide your team in parts and delegate tasks to each team. Set up an itinerary of the event and let each event manager have a copy of this. Provide radio sets and keep in constant touch with each executive to know whether things are going as per plan.

Back-up Plan
 It may sound an unnecessary expense of money and time but a back-up can save your event and most importantly you reputation which is at stake. Look to build good relationships through trust, honesty and reliability. It will make your growth far easier than you think.

Don’t Panic
In case things are not going as per plan, DO NOT PANIC. Stay calm and think of the options that you can explore. Try your back-ups and in the worst case scenario they fail too, be honest to the consumers and apprise them that the event will not be taking as planned and give them a true picture of what’s next. DO NOT LIE. Lies will only create rage and anger within the public. Though such instances are very rare when it comes to event, you motto as an event manager should be: BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.

If you are organizing an event which is going to take place on the streets, in malls or any other public places you would need to use conventional media in order to publicize the event and make sure a sufficient number of people gather for the event and take part in it. You would have to choose the right medium to ensure that you reach your desired TG.

Deciding on the right TG
It is very important that you target the right TG. Targeting them would help you achieve your objectives which are publicizing your product, allowing consumer engagement, gathering consumer feedback and response and eventually leading to positive brand building in lines with the brand philosophy or increasing the sales, as the case may be.

 Right Choice of Location                
In case your event is taking place outdoors, it is extremely important that you choose a venue that suits the requirements of your event. Get all permits and permissions in place and make sure that the location can accommodate the no. of people you are expecting. The execution should be smooth and the consumer should be at ease at the location and comfortably interact with the event executives and get a demo or sample of the product as the case may be.

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