Thursday, August 16, 2012

What is Set Designing?

Set designing is a major part of corporate events. Located mostly outside the company’s premises, sets are created to display and promote the company’s products and services.

Sets may be simple single colour backdrops or elaborate and complex arrangements, depending on the needs of the client. To make them attractive and gather eyeballs, set designs have an underlying creative theme to them. Branding, which consists of the company’s name, logo and tagline, is an integral part of set designing.

Set designing begins with a brief from the client. The complexity of the design and its size directly affects the time required to design and erect the set. Simple single colour backdrop sets can be designed in a few hours but complex sets with many features may take days to design and erect. Therefore, it is essential that the client be correctly apprised about the time and money needed for the completion of his set design.

A set design should be both functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing and therefore needs a team of professionals with requisite skills to build them. The client-servicing, design and on-ground construction teams have to work hand-in-hand to complete the task successfully.
Designing is done using a 3D software called 3D Max. A fresh pass out from a design school takes about 6 months to operate the software with proficiency, given he has daily exposure and a reasonable amount of work load to feed his growth curve.

Materials used in actual construction of sets are plywood, iron, vinyl, foam sheet etc.

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